Application for Enrollment

  • Student Information

    Address to which all mail is to be sent
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If applicable
  • Father/Guardian

  • Mother/Guardian

  • Please include Name, Gender, and Birthday.
  • Other than parents/guardians listed above. Please include name and their relation.
  • Childcare & Education Information

  • For International Students

  • The above information is true and factual to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we understand that misrepresentation of the student’s past record may be considered grounds for dismissal. I/we give permission for administrative officials of Risen Christ Christian Academy to contact previous schools to verify the above and to discuss the student’s academic, disciplinary and attendance record. I/we hereby obligate myself/ourselves to meet the charges for tuition and fees when due. In consideration for the enrollment of my/our son/daughter to Risen Christ Christian Academy, I/we agree to pay the published tuition for his/her enrollment as a condition precedent to the school’s release of my /our son’s/daughter’s grades each semester. I/we further understand that my/our failure to meet the tuition obligation may mean termination of my/our child’s enrollment at Risen Christ Christian Academy. By signing this application I (we) agree to the financial obligations and understand that all families are required to participate in some of the selected family fund raising activities. By submitting this application I agree to the stated financial policies.